Learn habits to control
 your time and freedom
to live on your own terms.
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Your DIY Guide To Take Control Of Your Finances

Many people claim that you can’t buy happiness,
but I disagree. 

Money is a tool which can be used to achieve happiness,
and any tool used in the wrong way will be useless and sometimes dangerous. 

 In this book I outline the knowledge and habits required for acquiring financial freedom, as it is essential for happiness.  These habits will eventually leave you with the control, time and freedom to live your on your terms.

So now you may be speculating whether this is a book about shares, real estate or crypto currency.  This book is about all of that, and I also discuss Bonds and precious metals as well.  Yes, I am that guy who you try to avoid at the BBQ if you don’t want to be stuck in the corner talking about money.  I will go into detail about the pros and cons of each choice you can pick what is right for you.  There is no one size fits all approach to investment, as the correct asset allocation depends on your goals, your age, your income, your skills, and your psychology.

But that is not all.  This is a two in one book, as this is also a cheat sheet that provides money saving tips.

So that is my sales pitch, and I hope you give me a shot.

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Offence Money

Defence Money

Things Every Investor Should Know.

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Dave’s 10 Commandments For Personal Wealth


Dave is an Australian millennial investor who needs a better hobby.  In this book he imparts his key lessons from the last fifteen years of saving and investing.  When he is not writing about himself in third person, Dave likes to analyse and share information on how to safely grow your wealth.   How To Buy Your Happiness is his second book, following “A Noob’s Guide To Riches” which he wrote in 2019. 


"Get angry that you are poor!
Emotional energy is far more powerful than logical energy.
Do you want to struggle for your entire life, or do you want control of your future?
Your drive to get rich needs to be as powerful as the anger of an old man whilst he is watching cable news opinion shows."

Planner Diary

This diary planner is the ultimate tool to keep you on track to meet your financial goals and reach financial freedom. The Lessons out of the How To Buy Your Happiness Book can be achieved using this planner as a tool.

I created this diary with 2 objectives in mind.  

  • The 1st is to design a diary that I personally would find useful.  As an example, we do not need the landline phone numbers or time zones for every country on the planet, but we do need blank pages to write things on.
  • The 2nd objective is to assist in keeping you on track to achieve your financial goals and financial freedom.  I have graced the pages with quotes from the greatest financial and motivational minds in history, and then I threw in some of my quotes in an act of self delusional importance.   

On the diary day pages, I have utilised check boxes rather than time slots to help in ensuring that taskings are completed.   Furthermore it has a budget template, a list of the traits that millionaires have, the 10 rules from my book, general notes pages, and a year tracker.

It also has a blank budget template to help you figure out how to track your spending.  There is also a space there to write notes for your month (ie refresh 1st aid training etc).

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The perfect planner to reach your saving goals and help you get financial freedom


"How to Buy Your Happiness" | Financial Freedom

best way to save money

Also by David Allen

Do you want additional sources of income outside of your job? If so, you are in luck because this is the greatest book ever written about money and investing according to the author. 

It is a guide on what to do with that money that you have left over when you get paid.

We give a step by step guide on how to position your money so it grows on itself like a bacterial infection, whilst also shielding itself from extreme market forces.


Growing up, I'm very aware of the mum & dad investors who mainly invested in property, this book opening me up into diversification of portfolios, and how there are other investment options then just real estate. Good insight into, the current Australian economy and can relate with many tips and tricks in-regards to welfare creep and cutting expenses.
R. Yeo
I have read a few financial help books and it is refreshing to see an author who does take themselves too seriously. It is very straight to the point in regards to explaining financial concepts. I have read a few other books and they go over shares or real estate, but this one covers heaps of investment methods. This book is shorter than many other financial books, but this is because he does not blab on about nothing.